King Games


Be-Hookd were tasked with creating a Celebrity Leaderboard experience for fans to challenge their favourite celebrities to beat their high scores on Farm Heroes Super Saga. 

The project aim was to expose the new game to a wider audience, whilst giving the game a ‘seal of approval’ via celebrity social endorsements. 

Be-Hookd developed the entire campaign including the leaderboard microsite, creative and copy for social content and organised a high quality industry leading Facebook live-stream with BBC Radio 1 presenter Scott Mills. We also sourced and secured premier UK and US talent including Taio Cruz, Rita Ora and All Saints


  • The campaign achieved a reach of 9.1M and 908K engagements
  • With talent and bespoke content reach at 3M the campaign exceeded the set target KPIs
  • Some talent committed to extra obligations outside of their contractual requirements.
  • The campaign secured King a google play feature driving an additional 250,00 downloads per day for the game 

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