Twitter enlisted us to strategise and run their #KeepDancing campaign on Twitter, tasked to encourage people to share dancing GIFs and get #KeepDancing trending in the UK for as long as possible.

All GIFs were filmed, edited and created by us and uploaded to Twitter's GIF library prior to the activation date. 

We used our network of influencers (ranging from music, TV, sports, etc.) to kick start the campaign by having influencers share own customised GIFs featuring the hashtag and their Twitter handle, with a simple 'Call To Action' to encourage their fans to jump on the trend and engage via the GIF library.  

The hashtag #KeepDancing was trending all day and gathered a high amount of interaction. The target KPI was to reach 15 million impressions on #KeepDancing. With over 17K tweets (abnormally high for a UK only activation), We reached the target and went over with a total of 19 million impressions, a huge success and a turning point for us as an independent agency.

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