We’re looking back to last week and give you a break down of the top music and entertainment stories and social media news you shouldn’t miss.


Internal research shows that Facebook usage is in decline, as users prefer to use Instagram & WhatsApp
It’s no surprise that Facebook usage has faced gradual decline over the past few years amidst issues over user’s privacy. Facebook’s total user count continues to grow, however it’s been seen that individual activity levels are slowly dropping. Facebook’s internal data science team have reported that, unless Facebook can tap back into popular usage trends (such as their efforts to mirror Instagram Stories with Facebook Stories), the app could face an existential crisis. → Read more here

Facebook is changing its Ad Format next month, here’s what you need to know
Facebook has announced this week that starting from August 19th, mobile news feed ads will be changed to a new ‘compressed’ format to fit in with the new design of Facebook introduced earlier this year. There are 2 key points to take from this, which are:

  • You will now only have 3 lines of text before users are prompted to click to view additional text

  • The maximum height for media will be reduced to 4:5

  • This will be an important change for marketers to take into consideration on future ads. Most importantly, who will make their ads snappiest with just 3 lines of text?

→ Read more here


Twitter Introduces LiveCut, Broadcast Scheduling and private broadcasts

Take your live content to the next level with Media Studio:

  • Create video clips with LiveCut to share the most relevant and timely parts of your live broadcasts

  • Schedule broadcasts ahead of time to proactively promote and drive viewership before you go live

  • Launch a private broadcast to clip highlights with LiveCut without making your broadcast publicly visible

→ Read more here

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