March 2019

With algorithms not knowing if they’re coming to going, following or unfollowing or just deleting a bunch of your followers only to magically make them reappear hours later - (thanks Instagram) we have compiled our TOP 5 Social Media updates that cropped up this month! 

 1.  TIKTOK blew UP

TIKTOK was introduced to us in 2017 - originating from China where it was founded in 2016 - and has been blowing up ever since, as the latest statistics show the platform has over 500M monthly active global users. 

Another astounding statistic is that, according to data from Sensor Tower, TikTok received over 660M downloads in 2018 compared to Instagram’s 444M suggesting, TIKTOK is growing at a much faster pace than the photo-sharing phenomenon, according to Social Media Today.

Viral trends can be virtually anything, ranging from #MakesYouTik to #Microwave at the time of writing. As a new wave of TikTok ‘influencers’ comes into fruition,  jumping on a TikTok trend could send you viral, with celebs such as Cardi B, Jason Derulo & Rita Ora already using the platform. 

Source: Social Media Today

2. LinkedIn is trending 

With over 260M active monthly users, LinkedIn is the epitome of business to business marketing as the site makes up more than 50% of all social traffic to B2B websites and blogs. 

According to LinkedIn owners Microsoft in their Q1 ’19 results, engagement levels increased by 34% in 2018, a figure which will likely be on the rise again with the recent rollout of a new trending topics sidebar, allowing businesses, employers and employee’s alike to engage with current topics & debate. 

In a further push at popularising the platform, the B2B giant have also launched a new podcast, ‘Hello Monday,’ which will feature interviews with people who’ve succeeded in their field.   

Source: Social Media Today


Following the guidelines established by the Advertising Standards Authority, outlining the rules for influencers posting sponsored content to the gram, the photo-sharing phenomenon has recently revealed plans to develop an even more transparent way of brands and influencers to partner-up. 

Such ads, known as 'branded content ads,’ will allow brands to promote the pictures they’re tagged in (by users who are getting either paid or bombarded with freebies to post,) just as they would regular ads. 

One strength of this method is that, despite making it more obvious when a piece of content is sponsored, it will also allow brands to further distribute such content rather than it’s visibility being limited to just those who follow the influencer. 



Twitter has this week added insights into its media upload studio - Studio Twitter- enabling users to gage the best time to post their content to the site. Named, ’Timing Is Everything,’ the new insight tool displays a coloured graph of analytics, showing the ideal day and time for you to Tweet.  

For example, for this user, Sunday would be the ideal day to post in order to achieve maximum engagements.

In terms of future updates, at CES 2019 in Las Vegas, Twitter revealed plans to become more conversational by rolling out status style displays showing when people are online and live updates of when they are typing. This has yet to be seen in action.


Last month the social giant revealed it will be taking action against companies that offer the sale of fake followers & likes. This follows the New York Attorney General ruling in the recent case against the company, Devumi, whereby the attorney ruled that the sale of such was illegal. 

In the case, it was found that numerous influencers and ‘celebrities’ used the site & that Devumi had racked up $15M in revenue from the trade of dealing in fake, bot accounts to people paying for supposedly genuine followers, according to news-site Mashable.  

If you’re wondering why this is such a problem, brands and businesses using influencers to sell their products would potentially be losing out. If the followers of the Influencers they’re using are all bots, then they aren’t advertising their products to anywhere near the amount of genuine users they assume they are.