Your 2019 Social Media Strategy:

Instagram Trends You Won’t Be Able To Ignore

We’ll look at different platforms and general trends in the forthcoming weeks, Messenger, Snapchat, TikTok and more… but first we will have a look at what we expect to matter and happen on Instagram in the near future and what that means for digital marketing.

Instagram is the showpiece of the Facebook ‘franchise’ - so much so that Facebook now wants to have its name associated with Instagram officially. This is likely also a move based on Facebooks plans to merge the Instagram and WhatsApp messenger with the Facebook messenger. With 1 billion active monthly users on the app and being one of the fastest growing social platforms (at least in 2018, this year they have been overtaken by TikTok) - we know with all the recent changes that there is going to be a LOT new things happening that will change the digital marketing landscape.

Social Media Platforms_Monthly_Growth_2019.png

1. Chat sticker: Exclusive fan engagement pools

Just the other week Instagram introduced Chat Stickers, a great way to encourage direct engagement with brands, and artists alike.

The downfall here? Groups can’t be kept open to users, so they don’t serve like an engagement pool and only 31 users can join the chat.

The upside? Restrictions fuel creativity around strategic ideas of how these chat groups are used.


2. Instagram Stories: More content more reach

More content more reach, is correct indeed - more content leads to greater median reach and more impressions, and this particularly applies to Instagram Stories.

The threshold for content consumption is organically higher on Stories than in-feed. There is only so much space on the algorithmically created Instagram feed, Stories, however, disappear after 24 hours, that makes more room, for fresh new content to be shown.

Regular Story usage correlates with real and impressions for the in-feed posts, meaning more Stories affects the performance of in-feed posts.


4. IGTV: Create a 360 personality

In 2020 vertical content usage will continually grow with more platforms embracing it and more content being produced to be consumed on mobile phone without having to flip the phone. IGTV is also the place for actual lean-back consumption, where visitors are most likely to switch on sound and here’s hoping that this type of content will be continually pushed on the Instagram feed as well as on the explore tab. On average we see reach and impressions almost doubled for IGTV videos across our client base.

Whilst IGTV is currently not allowing monetisation via the platform and therefore sharing full length songs is an issue, this is an opportunity for brands and artists alike to create narratives around their persona - a day in the studio, cooking, fitness or even full summaries of tour Instagram stories. And of course it helps that links actually work in the copy of an IGTV video - more impressions, views and clicks!


5. Creator Studio: Everyone’s A Creator

Since the Creator Studio popped up, I was convinced that Instagram scheduling would finally be possible and it looks like this may just be about to happen now!

Facebook/ Instagram have already pushed accounts to connect their pages and profiles to Facebook - a natural move as most of your info usable for advertising you will have entered on Facebook as opposed to Instagram. Another sign of the merger attempt between Facebook and Instagram, and another push on video.


6. Shopping On Your Feed

Neither Instagram nor Facebook want you to go outside of their app. Brands who spend money on their advertising, however, are keen to create transactions off the platform and on their websites, similar to artists artists who will want to use their regular content to push users to their official store, Amazon, Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube etc.

At F8 this year, it was announced that shopping tags will be introduced as a new feature - it’s worth noting however that similar functionality was in place previously and when we enquired about it late last year, it seemed to have been discarded.

I can see this as a big move for transactions on the app in the future. Although I feel it’s advisable to not make yourself dependent on app, the opportunity to run exclusive pre-sales just via Instagram, let’s say via a group chat created via the Chat Instagram Sticker - sounds like it will really drive Gen Z engagement!

If you want to know more about recent activities we have run on Instagram across our client base, don’t hesitate to get in touch:

Kat Ober