All you need to know about updates from F8

You blink and miss five new algorithm changes, 27 Twitter trends & copious Instagram Story developments.

Fear not we have got your digital back and compiled you a quick compilation of the most important updates from the F8 annual conference ... 


Fresh off the back of Facebook’s F8 2019 conference, the social media giant has announced a number of developments that it will be rolling out in 2019, including: 

  • A makeover 💄 The app has already begun the roll-out of a newly designed Facebook with what they are calling a simpler, faster and more immersive look.

  • Facebook Dating 💕 honing in on its traditional roots of connecting people, Facebook is launching its own dating site - where users can ‘match’ with people on their friends list and even send a ’Secret Crush’ notification to your friends.                                               

  • Events tab🎟 coming this Summer, allowing users to access recommendations for events, see what is going on around them and discover events that local businesses have to offer.

  • 3D Image sharing. An additional thing to note is that, as of last week, you can now also share 3D images to Facebook stories.


Owned by Facebook and thus also implicated in the F8 conference, Instagram will also see some key updates in the coming weeks, including: 

  • A donation sticker for Instagram Stories, allowing users to submit their donations & practise philanthropy to any given cause. Unfortunately, this sticker has only been set live in the US so far - you’ll have to hold-your-horses on this one, for now.

  • The Ability to Shop from Creators. Starting next week, you can shop inspiring looks from the creators you love without leaving Instagram. Instead of taking a screenshot or asking for product details in comments or Direct, you can simply tap to see exactly what your favorite creators are wearing and buy it on the spot. Anyone in our global community will be able to shop from creators. We’ll begin testing this with a small group of creators next week, with plans to expand access over time. For more information on shopping from creators, click here.

  • An updated Create Mode camera which will enable users to upload stories without a photo or video, This new camera will make it easier to use popular creative tools like effects and interactive stickers, so you can express yourself more freely.

  • On the topic of Instagram Stories, on April 25th the new multiple-choice quiz sticker was launched, enabling Instagrammers to post questions to their stories which offer multiple choice answers.